joi, 30 noiembrie 2017

Only people with money are successful

The word “success” comes from
 the Latin “successus” meaning
 " a good result, happy outcome."

Success, we all want it in some way. But what does it mean to have success? Many associate having success with having money.  But is that truly the case? 
Success can be achieved at many levels from being a successful parent to your only child to being a successful CEO of a billion dollar company. None of them is less successful it only matters the goal they strive for. From a larger perspective it may seem the CEO is being more successful but that those not exclude the other one’s achievement.
In my opinion it’s not the matter of money bringing success in people’s lives but the case of people with success being able to make more money. Being such a successful parent can attract income out of great parenting books.
The most successful people that I know are focusing on achieving their own goals and ambitions, not on making money.
I believe that most of the times success is accompanied by money as a direct result that comes out of their work. For example, for a good parent who is focusing on raising his own child success means the satisfaction of seeing his own child being raised properly. Sometimes it can pay in satisfaction of completing your own goals and ambitions.
Not all rich people are successful, for example we can think of a CEO of a company which is indicted and being under investigation for tax evasion.
Or we can think of another example as of a politician who is investigated for capital embezzlement. Both of them are rich but not successful.
In conclusion success not always pays in money and not all rich people are successful.

Nota Bene!
1.      Make up an essay (300- 400 words) of your choice following these situations:
-Do you agree or disagree: “Only people with money are successful”


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  1. What does success mean? Success only exists as an end to a purpose. If your purpose is happiness then to find success in happiness you need to know yourself very well and find a way to achieve that without being drawn to the vicious circle of capitalism.