vineri, 15 iunie 2018

To a young lady,

It’s important to be elegant, not only in clothes but also in thought.

 (photo by: Marius Daniel Matis MatissePhotography)

Walking on the streets of Cambridge I had a second of realizing how much she was standing out from the crowd in such a beautiful elegant manner. Tall and feminine with her red dress mocking all the ripped jeans, a young lady gazing at the old Cambridge.

As a woman I pay a lot of attention to elegance, I’ve seen somewhere a post saying that is rude to see a woman with ripped jeans and a Starbucks in her hand.

 We are independent, free and wild and that’s amazing no doubt, we wear jeans, pants, trousers, we are capable to stand tall as a man. But what have we lost in this conquer of our own empowerment?

Sometimes I feel that for girls, elegance and being feminine somewhere along the way lost value and became feared as a sign of weakness, of not being ‘cool’ or in fashion. Not being an individual, expressive or just different. Most of the time classy, elegant or feminine is seen by youngsters as being boring or even unoriginal.

I see everywhere lavender, mint, pink hair, messy buns, piercings and tattoos as sign of originality. Every girl must have at least one pair of ripped jeans and some good trainers because this definitely, is in fashion. (Some rapper has his dancers dressed like that.) You must look the most sexy and trashy as possible when going out, despite being probably fifteen. For she is an ‘adult’ by fifteen.

Have you wonder how are you original if all your friends look exactly like you?

I’m telling you by now if you didn’t realize I put on purpose the wrong question.

Originality does not stand in the clothes you wear, in the color of your hair or the ripped jeans and messy bun.

It stands tall and pride in what you create, what you think, speak and definitely on how you act.  Originality is having an educated mind that can break the boundaries. An elegant mind that knows proper words and speaks beautiful thoughts appropriate to your age. Because, believe me, each year is so important and beautiful in you becoming an adult, that is no reason to cheat and hurry up in becoming this shadow adult of society with superficial knowledge.  

You must train your mind because it holds so much power in her that can change everything . It’s much more powerful then your beautiful face, long legs or tinny waist. It’s your universe and for sure the way you train it is the way you will live your life.

You don’t need to look like a ‘hot mess’ or ‘beautiful disaster’ to grab the world’s attention or ‘his’ attention. You are a beautiful young teenage woman, you need books, pretty dresses and smart words. And if you still wonder, being elegant in your thoughts is not collecting purses is reading books. You need to be mindful, kind and to pay attention to your actions. You are not to be lazy and rude.

You will grow to be educated, you will rise children, the next members of society. Always you must be elegant and not brutal.

Always and forever love you.

                                         Letter to my daughter and every young Lady. 

Some other amazing photos of Cambridge:

 Thank you Marius for all the photos.

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